Be Courageous: A Soulful Gift, From You To You

Every few months or so, I like to post something about courage. Which I choose to define as: anything you are reluctant or hesitant to do, but you push yourself to do anyway – – because it’s in your best interest to do that!
What’s so great about courage? Two things mainly, if you ask me. One: even though you may be anxious, it gives you an opportunity to pursue something you want , or make something you hope to happen actually happen. Second, even if you don’t end up getting what you want or making that something actually happen, you can always respect yourself for having given it a shot!

As a little aside, there’s a personal reason why I make a point of posting on courage. That’s because, I must confess, only through my adult years did I teach myself to be courageous. I say this because I grew up in an environment of almost no risk-taking and no encouragement of being courageous. So like I say, I had to teach it to myself. And I also learned to remind myself that sometimes you can push yourself into being courageous yes, but that other times, well, you’re just not there quite yet. But it’s always the right thing to do, and always in your best interest.

Or as I feel about it: courage is a soulful gift, from you to you!

Here’s some ways I think of to be courageous, whether you’ve ever done any of them (or anything similar to them) or not:

🔸 go back to school, or take a class, or join an activity group
🔸 if you are socially anxious, initiate a conversation or two at a social gathering
🔸 tell your difficult boss you feel you deserve a raise
🔸 stand up to a bully
🔸say “no” and set a boundary with someone you find it hard to do this with
🔸 express a vulnerable but honest feeling to someone you feel anxious expressing it to
🔸 ask someone you feel comfortable with to give you a hug (or offer to give it to them)
🔸 break off a toxic relationship (especially if you’ve tried to make it work and the effort has gotten you nowhere)
🔸 go for therapy or counseling; or stop ongoing therapy or counseling if you feel clear that the therapist or counselor simply isn’t right for you.

Okay, so what’s one thing YOU have done that took courage for you to do?

For more about courage, check out my most recent webinar on Creating Positive Relationships, which covers dealing with past trauma and healing to move forward. You can view the full webinar here.

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